Full Coverage with Maskcara Makeup + Link to Site

I don't usually love using a lot of full coverage makeup, because it feels like a lot, can be a lot of work, and covers many of the natural features of your face. BUT, this month, I've been ALL about it, because: POSTPARTUM ACNE. {Insert wide eyed emoji.}
I had one of you sweet Mamas ask if it was a good makeup for full coverage, and I hadn't tried it up to that point. Now, I think I've figured out how to do it in a way that works for me!:) I hope this helps if you feel like you could use a little bit of extra coverage!

Hair product mentioned in video: HERE
Maskcara Makeup: HERE

*EDIT: Okay, guys. I finally decided to just sign up and get a link since I use this and talk about it a lot! Haha! My website is HERE, and the shades I used in the video are: Amber (Highlight,) Olive (Contour,) Rose Gold (Illuminator,) and Nude (Blush!)


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