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Looking a little rough in this here video, {hahaha,} but couldn't wait to share the new book that we are going to be going through for the next few Composed Mommy Videos. Okay, guys. I need some help. I don't know if I should combine Composed Mommy and The Dainty Pear [under The Dainty Pear] or keep them separate...I'm really not sure and would love any and all thoughts!:) The reason I started Composed Mommy was so that I wouldn't overload anyone with the Anxiety/Birth stuff, but now I think I can find ways that it's not a bombardment! Haha! Thanks, friends!


Favorite 5 Minute Breakfast

I have always loved salmon in any form, but smoked salmon is near the top of the list! This super quick breakfast/lunch/snack is one of our faves, and as you can see the kids love it too! So if your toddlers are open to salmon and avocados, I'm sure they're in for a treat!


Toasted Bread or Bagel: I used Costco's Sprout Bread. Yum.

Cream Cheese: I love getting the individual Philadelphia packets from Costco!

Avocado: Costco...surprise!

Smoked Salmon: You guessed it! Costco!

Capers: Walmart. Also at Trader Joes, or any grocery store!

Put all the ingredients on in that order, sprinkle with salt or pepper, and voila! Gourmet breakfast Mary Poppins style! Let me know what you think!<3


Pineapple Hats on Jane!

My darling friend has these hats listed on Jane! Find them HERE before the deal is up! {Listed at $12.99!}

Happy Sabbath!


Happy Sunday! In Relief Society today, we watched a little video called "Pure and Simple Faith." My heritage is Italian, Maltese, Mexican, and basically I'm a mega mut😂, but this video reminded me so much of my Grandparent's home in Mexico. As a kid, we would visit and walk up the dirt road to a little "tienda" with pesos to buy groceries or treats, and this video is incredible. Please watch it!:) So grateful for our many blessings on this beautiful Sabbath!💕 #thedaintypear #tdpsundaythought #tdpmotherhood


Happy Saturday! I really love every day of the week, but weekends when Daddy is home...😍!

This Sunday, we are doing a special fast/prayers for a friend's family whose hubby is having a big surgery! Please feel free to join in and send a few extra prayers their way!


Sweater: Costco
Glasses: AJ Lane, Available Next week! via
Shirt: Minted Threads via
Lips: LipSense in shade B. Ruby {HERE}

First Baby's Fifth Birthday

One of our favorite things to do with our kids is have our special Birthday Date with them individually. It's so good for everyone, and is so much fun. Having kids is like seeing the world for the first time, discovering little things that we take for granted. It's a sacred experience watching them learn and grow. Here's a little video of our date with B. I really and I mean really can't believe that he's 5. Or that I'm old enough to have a 5 year old. He's an amazing one! The countless hours of labor, preterm labor, and the eventual 3.5 hours that it took to push that cute boy out: WORTH.IT.;)

My Movie 2 from Sarah on Vimeo.

Fly as a Mother!

Today was one of those rough parenting days, I think moreso than I've had in a looong stinkin' time, Preggo Probs.😂 But, Moms have this magical way of putting their big girl pants on and pushing forward. At least until bedtime.;) Haha! So, if you can relate, just remember, "You're fly as a Mother!"😉👊🏼 And now it's bath time. For me, not the babies.😂 #thedaintypear #tdpmotherhood#tdppregnancy #16weeks

Shirt: Jane {HERE}
Lips: Cappuccino + Praline Rose {HERE}