Favorite 5 Minute Breakfast

I have always loved salmon in any form, but smoked salmon is near the top of the list! This super quick breakfast/lunch/snack is one of our faves, and as you can see the kids love it too! So if your toddlers are open to salmon and avocados, I'm sure they're in for a treat!


Toasted Bread or Bagel: I used Costco's Sprout Bread. Yum.

Cream Cheese: I love getting the individual Philadelphia packets from Costco!

Avocado: Costco...surprise!

Smoked Salmon: You guessed it! Costco!

Capers: Walmart. Also at Trader Joes, or any grocery store!

Put all the ingredients on in that order, sprinkle with salt or pepper, and voila! Gourmet breakfast Mary Poppins style! Let me know what you think!<3


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