Website Buttons Update!

Happy Middle of the Week!:)

You may have noticed some extra buttons at the top of the screen! I wanted to give a quick run-down of what they are and why!:)

Of course, the first few are Social Media links! I love connecting with you all on Facebook and Instagram! Now, we are also on Periscope and Snapchat! Find The Dainty Pear on those, too with the username: @thedaintypear.

The middle button that says: SHOP JEWELRY is the main link to The Dainty Pear custom jewelry! Here, you can shop for and customize jewelry that are great for Mama's necklaces, fitness jewelry, gifts, and so forth! And, as always, feel free to message me with your ideas and we can come up with something new that you might have in mind!:) {Click here to visit the shop.}

Next, is DoTerra! When I was in Esthetics school, I would use Essential Oils with facial clients occasionally, and decided to sign up so that I could offer them to anyone who wanted to get ahold of them. I added the direct link to my shop there so that you can easily access the store without having to go through a "rep," necessarily. Because if you're like me, I don't like selling stuff, but I do like buying stuff, and I don't always want to have to find somebody to help with it, {unless I have questions, of course!} Sometimes, though, it's nice to get online quickly and order if I already know what I want, and have it shipped straight to me instead of waiting for someone to place an order and picking it up or waiting for delivery! And that is in no way meant to sound anti-social, but I saw a way to help do that for other busy Mama's and wanted to make it available!:) {Click here to visit my DoTerra Site.}

Next: LipSense! I talked about it not that long ago, {here,} but I wanted to also make this available to everyone in an easy way because I've really liked it!:) It has been nice to not have lipstick on my teeth, which is common with my fondness of lipstick, hahaha, and it's also been nice as a Mama who is doing a million things a day to not have to reapply it. Sometimes I like to, but it's nice not to HAVE to. Also, I share these products because they are things that I like. Most of my best friends don't even know that I have access to any of these products because I don't talk about it. Ever. I would never want anyone to feel like they are being sold, so this is why I mention several times in this post that I wanted to just have items available to you in an easy way that I use in my posts!:) {Click here to visit my LipSense Site.}

Next: Younique. I have been using this for several months, and have a few products that I really LOVE. Blush, Bronzer, Eyeliner, and Lipliner are awesome. In all honesty, I'm not a huge fan of the mascara, but I do occasionally use it on my bottom lashes. But some people LOVE it, so that's great! I just made a fairly large order that arrived today, so I'll be sure to test more out and review how they are!:) {Click here to visit my Younique Site.}

That's the low-down on the website for the moment! All in all, I would consider my makeup approach very "wholistic," meaning that I will use whatever product from any line that I like. I'm not brand-biased, and will use anything from drugstore products, to Mac, to various things throughout Ulta or Sephora {my hubby loves when we walk in those places. Hahaha,} to LipSense and Younique. Or some days {okay, a lot of days, especially during pregnancy,} no makeup at all!;)
These products are posted here for easy access, but you won't often find me pushing them, other than referencing them at the bottom of posts!:) I just thought it would be fun to offer a few of my go-to products in one place. Feel free to contact me with ANY questions you might have, and I would love to help in any way I can! Hopefully this post makes the website a little bit more clear if there are any questions about it!:) Thanks for visiting!


Rock of Our Redeemer

This week, I've been working on this little project that has been just so cool! I had a sweet customer contact me and ask if I could make necklaces out of the stones she brought home from Jerusalem. When I held them in my hands and thought, "These are from where the Savior walked," it was a neat moment! The stone is first, followed by "Redeemer." The idea is "Rock of our Redeemer." How cool is that?! At first, I was almost too nervous to do it because they are so precious, but I've been happy with how they're turning out! The words of Helaman come to mind.

"Remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds … it shall have no power over you … because of the rock upon which ye are built” (Hel. 5:12).

President Kimball contributed to an article on this subject in the 1996 Ensign that can be found {here.}

And Wilford W. Anderson gave a beautiful Conference Talk on it {Here}that also includes a little bit about our Pioneer forefathers, such seems appropriate on this Pioner Day!:) So grateful for their sacrifices,  perseverance, and faith.

Happy Sunday!



The Dainty Pear + LipSense

Lippy lips! This will be the rare occasion that I post about this, {other than tagging it in posts,} but just a little PSA that The Dainty Pear is now offering LipSense! I love love lipstick, but I'm always the person that has it on my teeth! Haha! So I've come to really like this almost solely for that reason! I don't generally sell things like this, but thought it would be fun to have it available to everyone in an easy way! You can order it directly through the site and have it shipped to you, instead of waiting for it to be ordered and sent to you! Find the link on the menu bar of this page. {Or, click here.} Notes: Be sure to add the quantity and also a gloss {on the left hand side of the screen, or click here.} If you are brand new and you'd like a starter kit, click here!:)

{Lips: Blu-Red. This one.}
{Necklace: The Dainty Pear. {This one.}

Happy Thursday!

It's Thursday! And we are ringing in the weekend with a date night with some of our besties! But first, orders upon orders to go out to the Post Office! Thank you to everyone for ordering, and we have some REALLY fun collaborations coming up!


{Shirt: Caralase}
{Hat: Forever21}
{Bag: Steve Madden, via TJ Maxx}
{Booties: Fancy Frills Boutique: The Dainty Pear COUPON CODE COMING SOON to this shop!}
{Watch: Arvo}
{Bracelet & Necklace: The Dainty Pear. This one and This one}
{Lipstick: Blu-Red. Order Here}

Freshly Picked Bringing Home Baby Bundle

This softest, comfiest robe from Freshly Picked is $50 off in the Bringing Home Baby Bundle right now! It was amazing during labor and delivery, and is just as great for around-the-house after baby is born! Plus, we are all about supporting local businesses and Susan, the owner of Freshly Picked, is a fabulous person, aside from this flourishing company!




{Robe: Freshly Picked. This one.}

Happy Monday! {15% off The Dainty Pear!}

Happy Monday!:) Enjoy 15% off all orders in the shop by using HAPPYMONDAY15 during checkout at The Dainty Pear. Valid until Midnight MST!:)



Pictured: The Penelope Necklace. {This One.}