MVMT for Her

It’s TIME!!!!! Happy Halloween!🎃 So excited to see your costumes!😊 If it’s not a surprise, tell me what you or your kids are going to be!👇🏼🤗
Also, speaking of time...😜 {I wish I was more punny.😩😂} I showed you guys the MVMT watches that came in the mail in stories a couple of weeks ago, but here is one of my faves with the leather band and day of the week! {Whiiich, I still need to change to the right day!😂 Get it together, Sarah!} ANYhoo, you can use thedaintypear15 for $15 off at @mvmtforher!💕


Shirt: HERE
Watch: HERE {Use thedaintypear15 for $15 off!!!}
Jeans: HERE

Healthy Smiles for Kids

Hello, California!💕🌴 Loved spending the evening with @ochealthysmiles! @tdptom and I have loved being involved as they have grown from a small operation several years ago, to {as of recently,} treating over 800,000 kids in need! From Dental Hygiene visits to cleft palate surgeries, the staff and volunteer doctors are making a huge impact! Tonight’s event raised almost $40,000, and every dollar will go towards helping the kids! I took over their stories tonight at the Gala, and it was so much fun! Thank you for having us!💕
My Red Dress: HERE {Amazon $18.99} and  HERE {Shein $14!}
Karlee's Green Dress: HERE {Lots of colors available.}

Home Sweet Home

Found this on my camera roll from Sunday. Love this little 2 year old nugget!😍 Also, I promise my living room was probably {maybe😂} clean 5 minutes before this, {remember how @tdptom did that magnificent Saturday night cleaning spree?😂 It’s on my story highlights, because 🔥😉} but Motherhood is constant pillows, “blankies,” and legos allll over the place!:) Hahaha!

Also, below is a list of all the things I've been asked about from my stories or picture today!:) Let me know if I'm missing something!<3


Big Living Room Rug: HERE
Matching Kitchen Runner: HERE
Kitchen Rug Grip: HERE
Floating Wood Shelves: HERE
Bar Stools: HERE
Dress: From Journey 5 via {They have new deals every day, but I've seen this one come back in stock!}
Vacuum: HERE

Hi, I'm Awkward || #tdpyoutube

Hi, I'm awkward. Anyone else? No? Just me? Okay. Hahaha.

Today, on #tdpyoutube, we're chatting all about those embarrassing, awkward moments that I SWEAR are sometimes brought on by Mom Brain! At least that's what I'll tell myself. ;)

I'd love to hear yours as well! Let me know on my video or on Instagram! ALSO, General Conference is this weekend! You definitely don't have to be a member of my faith to get something amazing out of it, and I would feel like I was missing out if I didn't tell you how it makes me feel. Watching and listening for things that I feel God wants me to learn makes me feel satisfied, joyful, and gives me and my family an overall feeling of peace. {Even amidst the sweet crazy babies jumping around and eating snacks throughout!} We could all use a little bit more of that nowadays...right? Feel free to join us by watching HERE!

Sweater: HERE