Trying Senegence Foundation, ShadowSense + LipSense

Happy Halloween! Even though I'm a Licensed Esthetician, this post is so farrr out of my comfort zone! But what the heck, we're going for it! It's Halloween and looking ridiculous is totally acceptable!;) Hahah! As you probably know if you've been around for a little while, you can purchase LipSense in the Menu bar of The Dainty Pear and have it shipped straight to your house instead of going through someone, which I thought would be nice for busy Mama's who knew what they wanted and didn't want to wait to get it through someone. I decided to try the foundation from Senegence just to see how I liked it! Since it's honestly way more than I usually spend on makeup, I was hoping it would be good! I ordered a color that I think might be a little bit too light, but I also ordered a sample of Cafe Au Lait, which turned out to be more my color. I don't always wear foundation, so I can't say I'm a connoisseur by any means, but I did like it! I added a little bit of their Pearlizer, which gives a little bit of a glittery/dewy finish.:) I also tried ShadowSense for the first time, and I really like it! I thought Halloween would be a good day to try it just in case it was a bit much, but I think I'll be adding it to normal makeup days! You know, when there's actually time for that!;) Hahaha!


Lips: LipSense Crimson Red + Bourganville Gloss {THIS ONE}
Foundation: Senegence {THIS ONE} and Pearlizer {THIS ONE}
Blush: Younique in the Shade Sophisticated {THIS ONE}

Train Ride + Stekki Bebe

Today was a hot-ish mess. I say "ish" because we have definitely had more solid hot mess days, but it was a close runner-up! But a train ride in the beautiful mountains was just what we all needed. I alllmost called it off because I felt like I just couldn't repeat myself one.more.time and was kind of mentally exhausted today, but we got "all aboard" with 1 minute to spare! I'm going to use this as a reminder to myself that you can turn the challenging days of Motherhood into something fun, so help me. Hahaha! Love them! And of course, Stekki Bebe was there to help! {You can use the code TDP for 15% off any @stekkibebe wrap!
Also, I so appreciate that everyone is so sweet and understanding while my shop is on Vacation! As I try to find my niche in the "business" world, my number one priority is my kids. I realized that it feels good to align "how you want to be" with "what you are doing." If I want to be a good, present mom, then I need to do the things that will help facilitate that. I am mindful to try to find purpose behind my posts and the things I write about, and I've been trying to navigate what that means for The Dainty Pear, both while the shop is on vacation and in the long-run. And that meant deciding what to write about here! I realized that it can't solely be a fashion blog. As much as I like fashion, taking pictures of and posting well-planned outfits on a consistent basis and paying attention to details that pertain to it doesn't truly suit me. Although, there will still be some of that because I love sharing things that I like or good deals!:) I realized it couldn't solely be a makeup blog. Because half of the time I'm running around with no makeup on and when I do wear it, I don't know what I'm doing. Hahaha! I realized it couldn't solely be a fitness blog, because my idea of a rigorous workout is chasing my 4 under 5 babies! I realized that it couldn't solely be a food blog, because as much as I love to cook, many times I find myself too tired to make an exciting lunch and eating leftover Mac and Cheese from my kids' plates. Haha! Anyone else?;) Whatever it is that it was to turn in to, I realized that there should be some meaning behind everything that goes on here, because as every Mama of little ones knows, you are already spread so thin, there just isn't lots of time in a day to do things that don't excite you or make you feel good. So I guess there will just be a little bit of everything here!:) I also have a birth page called Composed Mommy, if you're in to birth, or looking for unmedicated birth or anxiety healing resources. I have dear friends who run some pretty amazing pages like fashion, food, or makeup, and are SO incredible at what they do! And I'm glad they are, because they are inspiring and helpful to so many! But I guess the beauty of everyone being different is that we all have something different to share. As I thought further about what's important to me in this space, it came down to this: The "number" of "followers," {which I really just like to call "friends," because that's what they really are the moment they come into this space} just plain out doesn't matter. I am beyond humbled and grateful for anyone who has followed along even so far! Everyone is so sweet! I feel like I'm doing a good, balanced job when I can post something and not be glued to my phone, and doing things that matter outside of this space as well, because as one of my favorite Conference talks says, "Life isn't confined to a 4 inch screen." I realized that relationships are what really matter. Through growing a company, through having kids, and through having to decide what I want to focus time on, I've learned how much I really do appreciate friends who genuinely love and care about you. There is just no replacement for a genuine, heartfelt relationship or friendship. This is a whole other topic for another post, but there is something so special when you feel like you can connect with someone. I've found so many amazing people who I feel a connection with, even if we haven't met in person, sometimes! I also think it's possible and necessary to have friendships with those who don't share your exact same thoughts or beliefs, because all positive friendships are always so welcomed, but there is something unifying and comforting when you do find others who share your ideals. So if you are someone who likes or happens to enjoy or connect with Motherhood, Spirituality, Fun, and Food, I hope we can get to know each other better! I hope this is a place where you can feel safe. And while this isn't a "full-time" job by any means, it is such a fun outlet where there are such great people to be met. And there is my jabber for today. Haha! I just wanted to create a little introduction as to why there are more lifestyle posts as opposed to jewelry posts, as I try to make the transition from being a product-centered shop to a Mom who likes to write and connect type blog!:) If you stuck with reading this, you are awesome! Hahaha!:)

United in Womanhood

Even though the shop is on vacation, I've been stamping and catching up, and wanted to share this necklace that a sweet friend requested who is facing infertility. We are all together in this thing called Womanhood. We bear one another's burdens, weep with those who weep, and rejoice with those who rejoice. Sending love to those who are struggling in some way, which really is all of us. No two trials are exactly the same, but there is one who understands it all.💕 #thedaintypear #tdpmotherhood

Happy Sabbath!

"If today you are a little better than you were yesterday, then that's enough." -Elder Bednar 
And isn't that music to all of our Mama ears during this beautiful stage of little sleep and trying our best to raise good humans?!😉 Happy Sabbath Day from our crew!


This dress is super comfy, and there's one almost identical to it on right now! Once you hit the link, you can search "Plaid Dress" to find it!:)
Dress: {Click HERE}
Shoes: H&M

Fall Decorating!

Cafe Rio 100th Location!

Café Rio knows how to have a grand opening! This is the 100th location, located in Lehi, Utah. {Just near the Traverse Mountain Outlets!} So exciting for Cafe Rio, which has been a favorite restaurant since they built one near my home in High School! There were BMX bikers doing tricks, there were people on stilts, and they quite literally rolled out the red carpet! Governor Herbert cut the ribbon, and the party was started! {Also! It was so fun seeing a group of firefighters! Love all those who work every day to protect us and also grateful for their service!} The food is delicious, and the company was so much fun!

5 Reasons to go to Cafe Rio:

• No microwaves. Sound silly, but that's kind of exciting! Everything is so fresh, so no microwave needed!

•So many options! Whether you like pork {sweet and now SPICY,} chicken, fish, or steak, there is something for everyone!

•Smothered Burritos. Because who doesn't need extra cheese on top?!

•Horchata. If you aren't familiar with this traditional rice drink, do yourself a favor and give it a try! It will have your tongue saying "Ay, yay, yay!"

•Generous portion sizes! I mean, have you seen their burritos? And salads? Hahaha! If you're not up for a full portion, share with a friend!😘 Thanks so much to Cafe Rio for having us!


Shirt: Fancy Frills Boutique via
Lip Color: LipSense via Thee Dainty Pear {Click HERE} Shade is Fly Girl
Hat: Tai Pan Trading
Baby Bow: Think Pink Bows via:

Pro tanto quid retribuamus Listening to a talk this morning that spoke of the Belfast Coat of Arms in Ireland. It reads: "Pro tanto quid retribuamus," which means "What shall we give in return for so much?" With all the technology and conveniences that we have now, is it still amazing to us? Are we still in awe? I thought, do we get our feathers ruffled by little things? Or do we focus on the good and try to give back? Do we marvel at the little things our kids do, or do we rush them to do other things? Kind of deep for a Wednesday morning, but does that speak to anyone else?! Happy hump day!:)


Favorite Booties!

I got these booties a few months ago and wanted to share the love because they have barely left my feet! I will link the exact same ones if I find them, but I found a similar pair on that goes live at midnight!:)


Jacket: Costco
Shoes:, {Click HERE}

Chatbooks + A Coupon Code

Over Conference weekend, we were putting away our @chatbooks after the kids were looking through them! Hands down, one of our family's favorite things in our home! And it's affordable and owned by some pretty amazing people! Use the code SARAHC for your first book free OR 10% off any custom book or prints! {This is a new feature and they are beautiful!}