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Baby #3's Birth Vlog

Baby L is so amazing! He just turned 3, and when I found an external hard drive with footage from his birth, I decided to make him another little video! His birthday was so sacred and beautiful!


Therefore They Hushed Their Fears

Finding adventure with my little Pear!🍐 This is right before we ran for cover from a flash flood and dodged hydroplaning cars! Haha. With everything going on with the elements, it's a testament to how small we really are, but despite that, we matter individually to God. And that's pretty great. And makes me feel a little bit bigger.💕 Here is one of my favorite talks on fear, and it feels fitting with the things going on with the weather around the world!

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Happy Saturday!😘#thedaintypear #tdptravels


Yummy Baby

Stopped to feed the hungry babe, but I might be the one eating her up!:) Also, the sunglasses from my  Instagram stories today are growing on me! Hahaha! They were 9 whole dollars, so you'd better believe I'll use them until I inevitably sit on them or one of the kids breaks the screws!😂😂😂 Also, my favorite jeans under $40 are linked below!<3 #thedaintypear #tdpmotherhood


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"Marriage is awesome."

I wrote this post back in 2014 on my personal blog, but since Tom and I are headed to a marriage retreat, I thought it would be fun to bring back here! Our marriage is definitely not perfect, but if we erase the stigma that marriages have to be "perfect" to be happy, then our marriage actually does feel perfect. Perfectly imperfect, relying on each others strength, and doing our best to keep it so much fun!<3 So, here is the post called, "Marriage is Awesome."

The other day, I wrote on one of my friend’s facebook statuses to congratulate him on his engagement. We dated in high school, so I wanted to say something sincere, but appropriate. What I came up with was: “Congrats!! So happy for you. Marriage is awesome.”

As I thought on that: “Marriage is awesome,” I thought, yes! Marriage IS awesome! But, it is not to be confused with “Marriage is easy.”

For some, I’m sure marriage does come "easy!" Some people are just built to put someone else’s needs above theirs and be pliable and are naturally willing to adjust expectations and forgive quickly disappointments with each other. I love that! And I wish that were me, but marriage is not necessarily “easy” for someone who is head strong, determined, and vocal. In our case, there are two of those in the relationship. That’s one of the things I love MOST about my husband, and about us as a couple, but it is also one of the things that has caused us our share of arguments and frustration. While there are couples who are like the first scenario I said, I’m willing to gamble that the majority of people are not equipped with all of those characteristics when it comes to marriage. And even if they are naturally like that, sometimes it is stifled and isn't fully brought to the table in marriage.

Our first year of marriage was...awesome! Or, I should say, many many parts of it were! We had amazing, FUN, incredible times--even the majority of the time! But I can say that there were also a few awful moments that seemed more like lifetimes! Moments that we both were wrong, moments that I ran away from conversations and locked myself in my car or the bathroom crying. There were many hurt feelings because we weren't always careful with our words. There were misunderstandings because we were both so sensitive and critical of one another. There was jealousy, there was anger, slammed doors, and there were raging hormones [I was pregnant. Need I say more?] ;) There were the highest of HIGHS, and the lowest of lows. BUT, I can honestly say: I would NOT take any of it back for anything. Even though that wasn't the ideal way that our story would go that first year, [or how anyone would picture it,] it helped us GROW. [Seriously! It’s weird how that works!] We went to see a couple of marriage counselors to try it out, and while I can’t say I really think it helped us, what did help was that we saw each other’s effort. We saw that we both wanted to make it work because there was no denying that we were made for each other. When we saw that effort, something magical happened: We both started taking each other’s feelings into consideration. We were able to look at the situation from the other’s point of view, and we started to make compromises. Really.

When friends of mine share in an honest moment that their first year of marriage, [or maybe second, if the first was smooth sailing,] wasn't what they had expected or they feel like they have made a mistake by marrying this person, or that they don’t see it working out...I want to give them a giant, understanding hug, and then proceed to grab them by the shoulders, look at them in the eyes and say: “It’s OKAY. You are allowed to feel this way. Bringing two different people together and combining your completely separate lives and personalities is NOT easy, nor is it supposed to be easy, nor would the majority of the population SAY it is easy. And you are not alone. And...even though now you feel like you want to cry. Or kill something, if you start making an effort. Pray. A lot. And see that person for the one you fell in love with, I promise things can change. Don't give up. It gets easier." 

*Of course there are extenuating circumstances where this may not apply, but I believe in many and most situations, where two good people are just struggling coming together, things can work. Things can change. But you have to let them change. We must allow each other to change!*

I don’t believe that Heavenly Father intended marriage to be a cruel joke...you fall in so much love with someone that it almost hurts and you are bursting with joy and can’t wait to marry them, and once you make those covenants then you are supposed to be completely miserable forever!?? No. NO. That is NOT how it works. We are meant to be eternally happy together!! But, without going through the refiner’s fire, you can’t truly learn how to be a diamond partner.

While I can’t say that marriage is easy, I can say that marriage gets easier. You start to understand each other, to know which buttons can be pushed and those that you need to steer clear of. You start to understand more the other’s love language and start showing them your love in a way they can understand. You start to understand better their communication style and know when they say something what they are really trying to say. You see their heart. You start to get less defensive and more compassionate. It comes with time. For us. Not for everyone-I’m sure there are many people who have it figured out right from the get-go, but for us, there was a learning curve. Don’t be mistaken, we were immediate best friends and have been madly in love with each other since probably near around the first time we met, but sometimes LOVE takes WORK. And if two people are both willing to make it work; it can. Even with those things learned, is it perfect or easy now? No, there are still occasional disagreements or annoyances that we deal with, but it is a 180 degree turn in a positive direction. And it started with us, individually. We each had to be willing to change and see when we were wrong or being stubborn or prideful!

Our days now are not filled with fights and harsh criticism of each other; they are filled with love [mostly,] and they are now how I would have expected it to be that first year. [Not that every day was filled with fights and grudges, but man, sometimes it sure felt like it. And it was emotionally and physically exhausting.] I know without those challenges, though, it couldn’t be quite like this, how it is now! We needed to learn those lessons, and looking back, I’m glad we learned a lot of them sooner, rather than later. You can't learn something if it is easy and you are coasting by.

I firmly believe that we are here to learn, and marriage is NO exception. Marriage is work.

But: Marriage is awesome.



Pooping During Childbirth

Oh yeah. We're going there. This was one of those posts that my hubby sweetly was like, "Are you SURE you want to post that?" I said, "Everybody poops." And, the fact of the matter is that lots of women in labor do, too! And a lot of women are nervous about it; some even terrified of it! As part of the birth series that I've been doing here over the past couple of years, I hope that we can talk about the good, bad, and ugly of labor and delivery so we can be educated and get there real story of what happens when you're having a baby.

As the baby moves over the rectal nerve and puts pressure on the lower part of the intestines, anything left in there will most likely need to exit. You're also using the same muscles to push out a baby that you do a bowel movement. The doctor or nurse will usually just wipe it away and move on, without you even knowing it happened! {There's more explanation in the video below!} AND, it may NOT happen, so the best thing is to try to worry too much about it!<3

My mom was so terrified of pooping during birth that she stopped eating the second contractions started and didn't eat for two days! I definitely don't recommend that. *Insert monkey covering face emoji.* I could have sworn that I didn't do it with any of my other kids, but then I started going to births as a support person or as a videographer, and when I realized how common it is, I also realized that YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW! Hahaha! So whether it happens or not, it's all part of the process, and it's ALL good. So hopefully if this is something that you've been worried about, you'll know that it's such a common thing and it's not your Doctor or Midwife's first rodeo. They know the drill and the anatomy about why these things happen. So there you go. Sorry about the word diarrhea. Er...yeah. Happy Birthing!



First Day of School

First Day of School! Kindergarten + Preschool for the boys! Pear Bear gets to stay home with me and the little sisters because in my pregnant fog, I didn't realize that preschool was a lottery this year, and she didn't get on the list until it was full! We missed the boat on that one, but she's so great, I don't mind one bit having an extra reason to get to hang out with her before she starts Kindergarten next year!

Daddy had to be in Denver today, so we took lots of pictures for him! My cute Mom drove over here to see the boys off, because "she remembers my first day of Kindergarten!" Haha! Also, B came straight home from school, washed his hands, and started doing dishes. Must be a big boy Kindergartner thing!<3 Also, L went to school with two shoes that belonged on the same foot. Hahaha! Otherwise, I think we did pretty well for getting all 6 of us out the door semi-on time! And it was busy enough that I for the most part avoided the first day of Kindergarten total emotional breakdown!;) Haha! We filmed a little bit throughout the day, so that Vlog is here. It's not listed on my Youtube Channel, because I'm still feeling out having family vlogs public, but I feel like if you are here, we might have interacted before on Instagram or in some other way, and I love the relationships that have come from those things.:)
Hope everyone is having a great first day, week, or month of school!

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Planner Madness

When your 5 year old takes your picture at the most flattering angle!😂😍 A few things:

1. If you saw my Stories from today, you've already heard that I lost my day planner in Texas! I'm so old school, but writing things down is how I function!👵🏼 Still holding out hope someone opens the front cover {and the front cover alone. Also in stories.} and sees my phone number! Haha!

2. My first baby starts Kindergarten tomorrow! Thinking about all the the things that go into that and my feelings about it are all over the place! I want my kids to be independent, self assured, and kind. As much as want to be next to him, protecting him, and hearing what he hears 24-7, {😂} I go back to the quote that says, "There are two gifts we should give our children. One is roots, the other is wings." Love that boy! And the pictures he takes are my favorite! Hahaha!

3. I feel like I'm looking pretty tired in this pic, so let's just talk about how I went in for an ultrasound last week from that tummy pain I was talking about, and they said there was fluid that was probably from a ruptured ovarian cyst, followed by a case of shingles when we got to Texas!😂 My sweet doctor called in some medicine and it's so much better, so between that party and the cutest newborn in the world attached to my bosom all day and night, I think that explains that!😂😂😂 But, I mean, what Mama ISN'T at least a little bit tired?! #MomLyfe It's all part of this amazing Motherhood journey, and as weird as it sounds, I'm grateful for all of it. Also, after a rough pregnancy, this stuff could feel like a lot, but it's weirdly manageable! It's amazing what you can handle when all your energy isn't being used to eject all the food you're eating!😂🙈 As always, thinking about all you Mama's in the throws of being sick! #thedaintypear #7weekspostpartum



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