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Pregnancy Lane

Today, my sweet cousin sent us our Maternity pictures, and I got all sorts of nostalgic and emotional looking through them! Isn't it crazy how 5 weeks of pregnancy can feel like years, and 5 weeks of them being out in the world can fly? When I look at almost every picture, video, or memory of some sort from this pregnancy, I can remember how I was feeling in that moment, if that even makes sense. Before and after these pictures, I was throwing up, just like most of the pictures or videos in my feed from the pregnancy. Now that I'm feeling so much better, it's crazy to me how that was happening, but after 5 consecutive years of being sick to the point of IV's multiple times per week, it was my normal. I knew that it couldn't hold me back from doing things all the time. It definitely did keep me from things, lots of things, but I also tried to do as much as I could. My kids needed me, and the moments I was feeling good, I would throw on some lipstick and try to do things I liked--like making some of the silly videos or going somewhere with the family! Every outing meant that we would spend time on the side of the road, in the bathroom, or searching for a garbage can to toss my throw up bag. Now when I think about it, I'm so overwhelmed with emotion! I have been meaning to do a video about it, but every time I've thought about it I've been too emotional!

I feel like now that we are through it, it is easier for me to talk about, because I didn't ever want to sound like I was giving a cry for help or asking for pity, and honestly I don't even know if I knew the magnitude of how difficult it actually was! It was like I couldn't even remember what a "normal" person felt like! During the sickness, after IV's, or on the extra rough days, I tried my best to throw on some lipstick and keep going, but there were days that it felt like an overwhelming burden. But that's the thing: Pregnancy, or Motherhood in general, no matter how it comes about, is such a labor of love! Elder Holland I think said it best, "Maternal love must be divine. There is no other explanation for it." Whenever we Mamas are feeling hard on ourselves, just remember what you went through to bring those babies into the world or into your family. Whether it be a sick pregnancy or years of waiting , procedures, and praying; each Mama's journey is different but so similar in the sense that we all love these babies so much, and are willing to do anything for them. How precious the responsibility and calling to be a Mama to these sweet babies.


{Flower Crown: HERE}
{Little girls' crowns: HERE}
{Dress: HERE}


Hair Faves

Oh man, you guys! A hair video! Hahah! I'm no expert at this, but here's my pretty much daily, messy waves 5  minute look and the products that I use. Squeezing these in during nap time is always fun!:) The products are listed below this video, and hope you have a great week!




Products used:

Shampoo/Conditioner Set: HERE

Kenra Anti Frizz: HERE

Fiberblast Colorproof: HERE

Mythic Oil: HERE

Purple Shampoo: HERE

Hot Tools Hairdryer: HERE

Curling Wand: HERE

Brush: HERE

Friday Twinning

Friday twinning with this little nugget! Also, paid my 5 year old a dollar to take these pictures! Hahaha! He's pretty dang talented! Love him! Happy weekend! #thedaintypear #tdpmotherhood

On Instagram, I had several questions about where I got our overalls, so I've linked some below! The shop that I got mine is Lettie Boutique. I didn't see that they are carrying any at the moment, but if you'd like to get a discount to their shop, you can use DAINTYPEAR for 15% off!:)



This one HERE

This one HERE

These ones: HERE

These overalls: HERE

Also, here are some cute ones for the littles! Baby O's are from Baby Gap, {First link below,} and there are some for toddlers {second link,} and kids, sizes 8 and up in the third link!:)

Baby Overalls: HERE and HERE

Toddler: HERE and HERE

Kids {Ages 8+}: HERE and HERE

Kindergarten Feelings!

This little boy had his Kindergarten Assessment today! I have so many feelings about my oldest going into Kindergarten! I mean, wasn't I in labor with him like 5 minutes ago?! But I read a conference talk once about how our purpose as parents is to raise our kids to be good, independent adults. I think this little one is well on his way to that. He is so amazing, and even though we try to be the best parents we can, I'm pretty sure he came out that way!<3 Love my little B!

Shirt: HERE if sold out, a similar one with embroidery is HERE!
Jeans: Costco
Shoes: Jane
Bag: Coco + Kiwi. Use DAINTY15 for 15% off!

Here is an excerpt from an article and a video below that references what I was talking about earlier!:) I haven't found the talk yet, but this is talking about similar things! I haven't seen the video yet, but loved that quote by Elder Maxwell!

"Apostle Neal A. Maxwell taught, “Those who do too much for their children will soon find they can do nothing with their children. So many children have been so much done for they are almost done in.”

So when it comes to raising children who will become independent adults, how can parents do it best? When does helping turn into hovering? How can parents teach about consequences without being cruel? Jean B. Bingham, first counselor in the Primary general presidency, and author Merrilee Boyack share personal stories and expert insights to help answer these questions in this episode of Gospel Solutions for Families."


Dishwasher Shopping!

When your dishwasher floods your kitchen and you take it apart without knowing what the heck you're doing, you make an impromptu date night to buy another one! We had to drive separately, so no car karaoke🙁, BUT, I love this guy more and more and his positive attitude, even when the appliances stop working and his wife thinks she's a repair person!;) And he even took me to dinner to get some Italian food, because sometimes you miss the Motherland and need some serious carbs.:) Haha! #thedaintypear #tdpmarriage


Shirt: HERE and the have them for KIDS, too! Are you kidding me!? Baby one is HERE, Kids one is HERE

Family Vlog: Fair 2017

I uploaded our first family vlog to the YouTube Channel yesterday! It was public for a day, and today I made it unlisted so that it can only be found through visiting the blog, which is usually pointed to through Instagram, where I feel like I know all of you sweet people a little bit better than the big YouTube world! Hahaha! Talk me through this, you guys! I'm an open book {if you've been subjected to my unfiltered oversharing, you know this!😉} and I love the relationships and fun that have come from this amazing space! BUT sometimes I turn into a paranoid freak of the interwebs, especially when it comes to my babies! Which is why I don't generally share their names in posts. But..I believe the good in the world outweighs the bad, and trying to find the balance between fear and doing my part to #sharegoodness! Happy Sunday! 

P.S. Link to all the public videos in the channel is up at the top of the page and click "YouTube," or just click on the video below and it can be navigated through there!:) Thank you all for your encouragement and straight up kindness! Love you all!


Makeup Routine + MLM Thoughts

Hi guys!:) Okay, so I mentioned on my stories that I had filmed this video and was deciding whether to post it! {Makeup is obvs not my forte! Haha! And I don't feel like I have time to spend on it to make it look awesome, but I've found a quick routine that works!} You are all so sweet and encouraging, so here is the video! It's unlisted on my channel, so that's why you have to find it through this post on the blog!:) I also combined it with a video that I was planning on doing talking about why I pulled out of "selling" for most companies as a distributor.

Basically, if you don't want to watch the video, I'll tell you here, that I was signed up for so many of these things because and only because I was like, "Sweet! I get a discount and I don't really have to sell things if I don't want to, but it's there if anyone wants it!" Logical, right!?;) Well, I was right in the fact that I didn't sell anything, because I don't enjoy doing that and never talked about it, but what I was doing was also paying the fees, taxes, steep shipping/handling, online store fees, etc., etc., and literally rarely to never talked about it or pushed products. Because I don't enjoy that! Even though I liked the products! Not even most of my best friends knew that I was a distributor for these companies, and it took me a while, but I realized that I was spending more by trying to save than if I had just bought a few of the products that I really wanted at full price! But no, I needed every lipstick shade, so getting the discount was the best option! Hahaha. I was a little slow at figuring it out, it's fine.
Sooo...I guess what I would say to someone who is signing up for an MLM "just for the discount," like moi, I would suggest taking a quick look at 1. How much are minimum orders are, and are they monthly, quarterly, yearly? 2. How much is the "membership/distributor" fee? {Likely annual!} 3. How much time goes into the business, and is it something you are actually going to sell or sit on?
4. What is the cost to run it? {i.e. monthly fees all the distributors pay to run an app, backend office, etc.} 5. If you DON'T sell anything, would you be able to buy the products you want for the same price or less? {This is where a cost-benefit analysis/pros and cons list would be helpful!} 6. Do you have to house inventory? 7. How much time are you wanting to or do you have to put into it? If it's basically nothing {again, like me,} then that's something to consider, too! Because even the e-mails that come through for distributors, or things like checking your backend office or ordering and adding up products to meet minimum orders take time, whereas if you are a normal customer, you won't be dealing with anything other than, "There's my product! Thank you!" Haha! NOW, I will say that some people are just built for it, and I love that! I'm so not, but I love that some ladies have those skills! It actually takes a good leader and great organizational skills to move up in those companies, so I think sometimes people underrate the work that goes into it! I also believe that you don't have to be "built" for it to become REALLY good at it or take your business to crazy successful heights! I love that ladies can find their niches and spread their wings. I believe in women supporting women, and for some, these companies provide a really cool opportunity! So, whatever makes you feel empowered and gives you wings, I so hope you do that!<3


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