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Poncho || Mens Gift Idea

I shared this in my Instagram Stories the other day, but one company I've come to know about this year is PONCHO! I know men can be tricky to shop for sometimes--whether it be birthdays or holidays, especially when you want a meaningful AND functional gift! My cute brother is obsesssssed with fishing and outdoorsy stuff like it, so I knew this would be perfect for him for Christmas! {Although, of course it would be a good one year-round! Haha.}
The guys there were SO nice and offered us a coupon code that will get you a free hat at checkout! USE "DAINTYPEAR," and be sure to add the hat, along with the shirt(s) to your cart.:)
Just a few things that make these awesome:
1. Poncho fits better. Other fishing shirts are ridiculously baggy on normal size guys. Poncho is the only fishing shirt in the world made in slim and regular fits.
2. Poncho has a nice, clean, modern look. Other fishing shirts are covered with a silly number of cargo pockets that just aren't needed.
3. It has so many cool design details - magnetic snap pockets that open and close with one hand, a zipper pocket big enough to hold a fly box or the largest iPhone, a reinforced collar that stands up to block the sun, UPF 50 protection that won't wash out, and a luxury fabric that feels like cotton but dries fast.
4. We built this shirt for people who spend time outdoors and on the water. Clay (the founder) is an ex-Alaskan fly fishing guide, so he knows what anglers need and rid of the things they don't!"

Be on the lookout for more gift ideas in other posts!<3




Our 2nd Baby's Birth Story

Just put another piece of my heart on #tdpyoutube.💕 Our 2nd baby’s Induced & Unmedicated Birth Story is up now.🎥 Love our sweet little Pear.💕 #thedaintypear #tdppregnancy#tdpbirth 📷: @valoryjean   




Ulta Haul GRWM || The Dainty Pear

My Thanksgiving Game Plan: do a decent enough job on the eyeshadow that nobody notices the pants are unbuttoned.😜 New GRWM video {linked below!} using all the products from my ULTA HAUL, is up on #tdpyoutube.💕 {Linked in stories.🍐} #thedaintypear



James Charles Palette: HERE
MAC Skinfinish: HERE
Tarte Shape Tape: HERE
Hula Bronzer: HERE
NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation: HERE
Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation: HERE
Morphe Eyelid Primer: HERE
Morphe Blender Brush: HERE


Ulta Haul! || #TDPYOUTUBE


James Charles Palette: HERE
MAC Skinfinish: HERE
Tarte Shape Tape: HERE
Hula Bronzer: HERE
NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation: HERE
Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation: HERE
Morphe Eyelid Primer: HERE
Morphe Blender Brush: HERE



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Experience Jane

It's no secret over here that I love shopping on Jane! I've been talking about them for years, but as we roll into the holidays, I wanted to share about how you can experience Jane this season! Last year, I probably bought 50% of gifts {for myself and others, haha!} on Jane, which made things so convenient. {It also couuuuld have been because I was up nursing an adorable baby forty million times per night nursing, but mainly because it was convenient. Hahah!} I liked that everything felt thought out and planned way ahead of time, and all I had to do was wrap it! Easy peasy for this Mama! Over the years, the app has become easier to navigate, and so user-friendly! {I've been shopping through them since before they had an app, so I feel like I can speak on this subject! ;)}
The search feature is also one of my favorite things that they have added, so when I'm looking for something as specific as a "Hallmark Christmas Sweater," if there is a deal close to the description, it comes right up! Or, if I just want to peruse about the shoes or jeans {some of my favorites,} I just type in "shoes" or "jeans!" The deals change daily, so when you see something, snatch it! I talk about this shop so much, that I thought it might be helpful to go a little bit more in-depth about it! Also! Last year as the holidays approached, they had deals that said "Christmas delivery!" Also, if I have ever had a question or issue with my order, a Jane staff member has been so friendly and quick to reply and connect me with the seller! SO, if you are looking for a gift that must be there by then, keep an eye out for those! They also have some that will say "Free shipping" on a banner in the listing picture, which is always nice, too! 
Happy Jane shopping!


Shop: HERE

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The Storm Before the Calm || #tdphome

This is the storm before the calm! Hahaha!:) We loved starting our decor! It's a week and a half early, but the kids were so excited, too, so we went for it!:) Details are linked below! Our tree is a big Mama at 9 feet tall, {which is out of stock,} but I linked the 7.5 ft. one here!

Tree: HERE
Rug: HERE {Amazon} or HERE {Rugs USA}
Light: HERE
Barstool: HERE