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The Storm Before the Calm || #tdphome

This is the storm before the calm! Hahaha!:) We loved starting our decor! It's a week and a half early, but the kids were so excited, too, so we went for it!:) Details are linked below! Our tree is a big Mama at 9 feet tall, {which is out of stock,} but I linked the 7.5 ft. one here!

Tree: HERE
Rug: HERE {Amazon} or HERE {Rugs USA}
Light: HERE
Barstool: HERE

Product Review || #tdpyoutube

Happy Monday, friends!
New product review on #tdpyoutube, coupled with #momlyfe, as usual!✨😂😍 #thedaintypear

Makeup: HERE {Products used: Olive, Wheat, Sandstone, Rose Gold, Detail HAC Brush, B Squared Brush, Makeup Remover Wipes} 

Setting spray: Ulta: HERE Amazon: HERE


Motherhood Mysteries and Accomplishments

Their ability to go to bed at any time of night and still wake up at the exact same time the next day, is one of Motherhood’s greatest mysteries.🧐 Having 5 kids {or any amount of kids} dressed, fed, and in the car before 7:30 AM for school drop off is one of Motherhood’s greatest accomplishments.😜😂😍 Happy Tuesday!🇺🇸😘

Jeans: Jane {Sales vary from day to day!:)}
Shoes: Jane {Sales vary from day to day!:)}

#thedaintypear #tdpmotherhood#mymamahood

Choosing our Motherhood

One of the things I love most about Motherhood is the ability to take our own experiences, good or difficult, and use them to decide how we will raise and love our own children. Even though the stewardship we have over our homes, jobs, homework, activities, and all the other responsibilities of “adulting” can feel like a large weight to bear at times... I can’t help but to think about when I dreamt of this, prayed for this, and longed for the day I could have the sacred responsibility of shaping and loving little humans.💕 “She was one of the kind that likes to grow up. In the end she grew up of her own free will a day quicker than the other girls.
J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan #thedaintypear #tdpmotherhood 

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MVMT for Her

It’s TIME!!!!! Happy Halloween!🎃 So excited to see your costumes!😊 If it’s not a surprise, tell me what you or your kids are going to be!👇🏼🤗
Also, speaking of time...😜 {I wish I was more punny.😩😂} I showed you guys the MVMT watches that came in the mail in stories a couple of weeks ago, but here is one of my faves with the leather band and day of the week! {Whiiich, I still need to change to the right day!😂 Get it together, Sarah!} ANYhoo, you can use thedaintypear15 for $15 off at @mvmtforher!💕


Shirt: HERE
Watch: HERE {Use thedaintypear15 for $15 off!!!}
Jeans: HERE

Healthy Smiles for Kids

Hello, California!💕🌴 Loved spending the evening with @ochealthysmiles! @tdptom and I have loved being involved as they have grown from a small operation several years ago, to {as of recently,} treating over 800,000 kids in need! From Dental Hygiene visits to cleft palate surgeries, the staff and volunteer doctors are making a huge impact! Tonight’s event raised almost $40,000, and every dollar will go towards helping the kids! I took over their stories tonight at the Gala, and it was so much fun! Thank you for having us!💕
My Red Dress: HERE {Amazon $18.99} and  HERE {Shein $14!}
Karlee's Green Dress: HERE {Lots of colors available.}