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Hi, I'm Awkward || #tdpyoutube

Hi, I'm awkward. Anyone else? No? Just me? Okay. Hahaha.

Today, on #tdpyoutube, we're chatting all about those embarrassing, awkward moments that I SWEAR are sometimes brought on by Mom Brain! At least that's what I'll tell myself. ;)

I'd love to hear yours as well! Let me know on my video or on Instagram! ALSO, General Conference is this weekend! You definitely don't have to be a member of my faith to get something amazing out of it, and I would feel like I was missing out if I didn't tell you how it makes me feel. Watching and listening for things that I feel God wants me to learn makes me feel satisfied, joyful, and gives me and my family an overall feeling of peace. {Even amidst the sweet crazy babies jumping around and eating snacks throughout!} We could all use a little bit more of that nowadays...right? Feel free to join us by watching HERE!

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September GRWM || Wavy Hair How To || #tdpyoutube


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How to style short hair quickly:
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Iron:HERE (Mine)
Other similar irons: HERE and HERE and HERE
http://thedaintypear.maskcarabeauty.com (Colors: Olive, Wheat, Rose Gold, Sandstone)
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We're on a Boat!

HAPPY Monday!😊 Today on #tdpyoutube...I guess this guy is kiiind of fun to travel with!😉😂 We don’t even know what to do without being wrapped in sweet babies!😂😭💕 @tdptom #thedaintypear#tdpyoutube #tdpmarriage



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Podcast Interview: LifeBeats Project X The Dainty Pear

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Link to the show notes and podcast: HERE

You've Got This Mama

Ohh, hey! Happy Thursday!😘 I decided to put a pear on a shirt! And there's a message on the back just for YOUUU! Hahah! I figured I say it enough, I might as well put it on my shirt!😜😂🍐}

A BIG OL' Whole30 Chat || #TDPYOUTUBE


First Day of School

Put up this little Vlog on Instagram from our First day of school!💕 Hope everyone made it through the emotions and are going strong!😂😉😘 So blown away by these brave little people and grateful for the wonderful and kind teachers they get to spend the day with.😭❤️ {Clearly @tdptom wasn’t as phased as I was.😜😂} #thedaintypear#tdpyoutube #tdpmotherhood#sharegoodness 🎵: Blake Gillette