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Thanksgiving Sunday

Happppy Monday!:) Just had to post this picture from yesterday because I love these 5 and their little 'tudes.😉😍 Also, all outfits are linked on the blog! I had some requests on where to find toddler clothing! Pear's skirt is under $13 and L's shoes are under $14!

Sunday thought from Yesterday: One of the youth speakers at church talked about the story of the 10 lepers. He said "Jesus healed them and one came back to say thank you. Did Jesus still love all the lepers? Of course! But which of the lepers loved Jesus?" It was so profound to me, because how often do we get wrapped up in what's going on or underestimate the simple act of saying "thank you," especially to the one who gives us all. I feel like one of the ways we can show our love to Him is by showing that simple gratitude; for the big and small things.💕 So happy and grateful to have been able to kick off this week of Thanksgiving hearing such beautiful messages!:)


Dress: JANE
Shoes: Nordstrom {During an Anniversary Sale}
Boys' Clothing: H&M
Dress Shirt w/Bow tie: HERE
Toddler Blazer: HERE
Pear's Skirt: This One {Under $13!}
Tights: HERE
Moccasins: Freshly Picked {Their big Sale is going on NOW!}
Little boy's Shoes: HERE

Twig n Twine

I'm slowly working on the girls' nursery! When I got it all finished before, with names on the wall, etc., we found out our 5th baby was also a girl!💕 The newest addition in the room is this macrame by Melissa from Twig N Twine! She makes the most gorgeous items, and I'm blown away by the talent and patience it takes to make something like this! Haha! You can find her website HERE. Thanks, Melissa!

Bow: Baby Bling Bows {Use DAINTYPEAR for a discount!}
Shirt: SheIn
Baby Outfit: Old Navy 

Nursing Dress

"If you want to change the world, go home and love your family."💕 Yesterday was Sunday, and it's always so good to hear messages that uplift and energize. I mentioned on my Instagram post that I don't usually talk about products that I like on Sundays, and that I would talk more about this nursing dress later! I got it from Undercover Mama! This isn't a paid post, but they did send me one to review, and I have to say that I really like it! It was kind of like wearing pajamas to church, {but without looking like it,} and I was able to nurse baby during the meetings so easily! I just put a blanky over my shoulder {for my own comfort,} but instead of going to the Mother's room and bringing my dress up around my neck to feed the babe, it was easy peasy! You guys know that I really like inexpensive clothing, but I've also talked before about how I love having a few investment pieces that are either really convenient or a really nice/classic staple that you'll wear again and again. SO, if you are a nursing mom and plan to be for a few months, I would recommend! They also were so sweet to give us a coupon code for 20% off, so that makes it about $40! I'm 5 feet tall, so it's just about touching the floor with short heels on, but I didn't have to hem it! Also, the sleeves hit just the right point on the arm. {You know, right where that postpartum jiggle is still hanging out because I did zero exercise during pregnancy being so sick!;) Haha!} Two thumbs up for a nursing dress that was a game changer at church! #thedaintypear

Christmas Gifts/Wish List Ideas!

Today's post is a little bit different! I don't usually just find and post products to buy, but I thought it would be fun to round up some gift ideas or share some things on my list! I have another fun one coming soon with JANE, along with a giveaway for TWO $25 gift cards, which will be held on Instagram!

                                                               This Instant Pot: HERE
I LOVE my Instant Pot. Mostly because I LOVE artichokes, and it takes so much less time to cook them and they come out perfectly. I haven't even ventured into soups, etc., and I already love it. Winter is the perfect time for these! I gave my Mom one for Christmas last year, and she loves it!

Instant Pot Egg Accessory: HERE
If you're going to do eggs in the Instant Pot, don't forget this little guy!

Dinnerware Set: HERE
I, {as I'm sure lots of you} have a love of white dishes! I have some really similar to this, but as our family grows, it's almost time to look into adding another set, so I'm wondering if I keep the same set or venture into a new {white} one. Hahaha! I'll link the one I have below, too, I really like it! And it's super affordable for how many pieces you get!

My Dinnerware Set: HERE

This Cheeseboard: HERE
If you have any cheese-lovers in your life, you can't go wrong with a cheese board! I've been eyeing some, and here was one of my favorites! I feel like it's a little bit more modern than a traditional cheese board, and the reviews said it is really easy to clean. I always wonder if the wood ones are getting totally clean, or if it's seeping in, so I kind of like this option! Haha!

And a round one in a similar style: HERE

                                                      This Weekender Bag: HERE
My hubby and I love to travel, and I bought a weekender bag a couple of years ago that I used as a hospital bag for one of our babies and lots of trips! It's been well-loved, so I'm saving up for this one! I love the chic look to it and also love that it's an easy-to-wipe leather material, because I'm kind of a germaphobe. And airport germs wig me out.:)

Running Shoes: HERE
Do I run? Nope. But aren't these ADORABLE!? Hahaha! I would still wear them to run...errands!;)

This Diffuser: HERE
I started using one recently in my bathroom with some drops of Lavender, and this one is just way cuter than my white plastic one! Haha! If you have an essential oil lover or someone who just likes yummy scents, this might be a great gift for them! Oils: HERE.

Wherever your Christmas shopping takes you, I hope you find what you're looking for!:) I love investing in memories and experiences moreso than gifts, but sometimes you just need a good gift to give or one to put on your wish list!:) I may be adding more little roundups in different categories, and watch for that giveaway with JANE to help you with Christmas shopping coming soon!♥



*FTC: Some links may be affiliated with partners, but all opinions are always mine, baby mine! XO*

School Drop Off and Grace

In case any other Mama's show up to School Drop off in day two of an outfit because they fell asleep on the couch watching Hulu...or for the one who has Postpartum Acne...or for the one who struggles with drop off lines... I stuck this on #tdpyoutube. Other people have these issues too, right? No, just me?;) #thedaintypear




"Little boys are just superheroes in disguise."<3 This cutie was showing me some of his best superhero moves yesterday! 5 year old boys rock!

Shirt: H&M
Shoes: On Sale HERE
Little Boy Clothes + Shoes: H&M

Instagram Live

It was such a treat to get to talk to some of you on Instagram Live today, even though I didn't mean to do that, it turned out to be fun! We talked about Letter Boards that are on sale, YouTube, Motherhood, Anxiety, Birth, Sick Pregnancies, and a bunch of random stuff! Haha! But best of all, I loved getting to chat and get to know some of you better! Thanks to everyone who said hi! Also, after I got out of the car, I set the timer on top of the garbage can and acted like posing for a bunch of pictures in the middle of the day wasn't an awkward thing to do! Hi, neighbors! Hahaha!;) Also, there is something on my pants, and I think it's makeup from when I was getting ready cross-legged while nursing a baby. Or something from my kids' hands or noses. But I'm pretty sure it's makeup. Haaha!:)

Shirt: ROMWE {This one is sold out, but they have some similar like THIS one or another HERE!}
Pants: From JANE
Shoes: HERE