Cotton Dresses

I know, I talk about the Texas heat probably way too much {and I'm told it isn't even hot yet! Hahaha!} I'm definitely not talking about it in a complaining way, but more like an "I'd better figure out my summer clothing game STAT, because all of my wardrobe is based around Utah weather." Sooo...basically opposite of here!:) Haha!

Here are some AWESOME dresses I found on Jane! They are $14.99 plus shipping, and I obviously bought a few colors. *Insert monkey covering its mouth emoji here.* I was feeling a little bit panicked that I would begin taking after our 2-year-old and start stripping during church when it gets toasty, so I'd say this purchase saved my family from an embarrassing situation.;)
Link to purchase below, but heads up, this deal ends in a couple of days!<3

Dresses: HERE


Airy Pants and Fresh Locks

Easing into Texas-sized heat with as many light and airy clothes as I can find! Haha! Also, fresh locks by @katietellorhair at @abstraktstudio!🎉 Loved loved getting to meet her, and everyone I got to chat with at the salon was so kind and sweet, too. She did some lowlights, a smudged root, and some sort of reverse-balayage magic that I don’t understand, but really liked! Thanks, Katie!



Pants {Two Different Colors:} HERE
Shoes: Jane
Earrings: Jane
Shirt: TJ Maxx
Glasses: TJ Maxx

Daily Boutique Deals

Exploring Dallas

We had fun walking around and having dinner with the babies over the weekend!:) Even though we are a walking spectacle, I've always found myself wanting to take our babies out with us often so they know how to interact and behave in public places. It leaves me sweaty, but fulfilled! Hahaha. They did so great, and we had a lot of fun at dinner! Moving to a new place is always a challenge, but I feel like they are doing really well!<3

               Was $79.99 - Now $24.99 - Genuine Suede Wedges | Free Shipping (5/20 to 5/22)

Daily Boutique Deals

Super Quick Makeup on #tdpyoutube

Quick makeup video on #tdpyoutube today! Pretty please tell me that this is what getting ready looks like for you, too!😉 Messy house, messy kids, messy make up.:)

Maskcara Makeup: HERE
Shirt: Up to 65% off New Deals added every day at! Shop today!



Bringing back scrunchies with my little babe!:) Haha! I saw these the other day and got a little pitter patter thinking about my scrunchy days. So why not bring them back!? At least once in a while.:) Hahah! Hope you're having a great week!

Scrunchies I'm digging:

Printed Chiffon Scrunchies: HERE and HERE
Velvet Scrunchies: HERE and Velvet ones with Ties: HERE
Thermal Fabric Scrunchies: HERE

Pants: From JANE a few weeks ago!:)
Shirt: From Bella Ella a couple of Summers ago.:)

Shirt from: Bella Ella Boutique, LLC a couple of summers ago!:)
Pants from: Up to 65% off New Deals added every day at! Shop today!

Newborn Snuggs + Robes

I don't do a lot of throwback Thursdays, but this seemed like a worthy one! Look at that TINY WITTLE BABY! Cue tears. She's 9, almost 10 months old, and we love her so much. No matter how many times I do it, I'm always amazed that a baby comes out! I even love that big postpartum belly that birthed a baby just hours before. Happy Mother's Day week!

Robe: HERE {Under $20 until tonight!}


                      Was $40.00 - Now $17.99 - Luxuriously Soft Dakota & Vixen Robes (5/9 to 5/11)

Maskcara Makeup

I figured it might be time to do another Maskcara post since I only do it like twice a year!;) Hahaha. You guys KNOW I don't like selling things, {which is why I don't mention it much,} but since I have yet to find something that I like enough to switch over to, here we are with a little Maskcara refresher! When we were moving, a bag of all my colors except 4 that I was able to scrounge up from different boxes were thrown away. *Insert face palm and whimper here.* I guess I didn't realize how much a really do like it until it was all in the garbage! {Like hundreds of dollars worth, you guys. This is not a drill! Haha!} Anyway, I still like to mix up products from all brands, but for this look below I didn't use any other foundation or concealer other than Maskcara! Sometimes I like to throw in some Double Wear foundation {shown in my March GRWM} if I need some serious coverage, *cough, thanks hormones!* but usually I like to keep it light!

Let me know if you have any questions, or send me a picture with no makeup on in natural lighting {like in front of a window!} XO!

  • Maskcara Shades:
  • Contour: Olive
  • Illuminator: Rose Gold
  • Highlight: Wheat
  • Blush: Nude
  • Brush: 30 Second HAC or Detail HAC Brush
  • Click HERE for Maskcara Makeup and search "face" for shades. When you add 4 colors to your cart, you can add a free palette!:)

So even though I kind of miss being able to mix colors and have some fun, I'm pretty impressed with how 4 colors can do the job! Yay!
I did a video on this today, so i'll try to get that out ASAP, but some people {myself included} have said that they can't get Maskcara to stay in place! A few thoughts on this... 1. I started using a primer and setting spray and it helped a LOT! Did it fix it completely? No. But I do touch/rub/subconsciously mess with my face and probably don't totally do my part to keep it there! Haha. BUT on the bright side, I must say that I like the consistency, feel, and ease/functionality of the products enough that I'm willing to reapply. I just try to be prepared if I know I need to, and luckily it's such a tiny palette that it's easy to take it wherever in your purse or diaper bag. Maskcara does have a setting spray. It's good, I like it, but it's not my absolute FAVORITE EVER, so I picked up the Urban Decay one last week and so far I really like it! I also will TONE before putting on the primer, but I don't do the MILK moisturizer {from the TRES LECHES line} beforehand. Only at night and in small doses! I love the smell and moisturizing qualities that it has! I have been looking into trying another regimen, so I'll let you know how that goes if anyone is interested, but I think this will always be in the rotation because I reallllly like it! {Also a fantastic Mother's Day gift!} So that's my two cents on that! I'd love to hear what you have to say about it! Let me know on my most recent Instagram post!
Jumpsuit: TJ Maxx
Instagram: HERE
YouTube: HERE

Don't Turn Around || Mother's Day Week

Happy Mother's Day week! I mentioned on my Instagram stories that I felt like there needed to be a horror movie about the things toddlers do when you turn around. So we made one ourselves. Haha! You're doing awesome, Mamas!


Little Sunshine

Rainy day in Dallas, but this baby brings all the sunshine!☀️ {Even if she never sleeps.🙈😂}
I posted this photo on Instagram earlier, and had some questions about the jeans! I got them at TJ Maxx! Since it's sometimes hard to the exact same things at places like TJ Maxx or Ross, I found a few similar ones for you guys! Happy Weekend!<3

Jeans: Similar ones HERE and HERE and HERE
Shirt: TJ Maxx
Earrings: H&M
Baby Shirt: HERE
Bow: From Jane