What's in the Maskcara Beauty Pro Kit?

Okay, so after so many months of going back and forth on being an Artist for Maskcara, I decided to do it. I promise I won't be spamming you with things, but I will try to just link the colors that I use on me or others in blog posts or the occasional deal on my Instagram Stories! I say occasional, because I am not a huge fan of selling things. I like to just do my thing and not be tied down to one product, but since I've been using this for so long and talk about it anyway, I figured it wasn't a crazy idea! If you are wondering what is in the "Pro-Kit," here we are! I go through it in the video below, and the items are listed below the video in this post. I filmed it a couple of days before Christmas, so it was kind of like an early Christmas since who doesn't like getting new makeup!? Haha! Hope you had a great Christmas with Family and Friends!<3



Essentials Kit +

21 IIID Foundation Singles

12 Eyeshadow singles
2 Powder Singles

6 Brushes / 1 Perfector

4 Compacts
Milk Moisturizing Cream

20 Temporary Tattoos

*retail value $850


Merry Christmas Eve!


Ship Shirt

Today on my Instagram stories, Tom was saying that my shirt looked like I belong on a ship! Haha. He was cracking me up. I can't even do it justice here, but I decided I liked the shirt, so it stayed on. Haaha! A few of you were asking about it, so HERE is the link. I would size UP. The bust runs a little tight. I'm in a medium and it fits well in the sleeves and lengthwise, but I would have gone to a large if I knew! Haha. I went straight from being outside in the SNOW to taking some pics! There is snow for Christmas in the Beehive State! Happy Christmas Eve Eve!

Undershirt {Parts of the lace are see-through:} THIS ONE
Lips: She La La by LipSense
Makeup: HERE {Amber, Olive, Rose Gold, Nude}


Today, my sweet 19 month old was sad in her crib. Sometimes when I know she’ll go back to sleep, I’ll let her stay in and wait it out. But today, I decided to get her out and snuggle. I sat her on the couch, felt her soft face, swept her sticky hair over her ear, told her stories, and talked to her about things that matter to her.

Then I realized: When is the last time we looked our children in the face? Not just saw, but presently looked. No distractions, nothing except gentle whispers, smiles, and studying the curves of their cheeks, the pout of their lips, and the magic in their eyes? Remembering special moments you’ve had. Remembering the pregnancy or the process it took for them to be sitting in front of you.

How easy is it to get SO busy, SO caught up in things that need to be “done” that we forget how rejuvenating it is to reconnect with our special and most important connections in Motherhood. Or even further—become frustrated and fall out of love with something we had wanted for so long. Or just become tired. Aren't all moms at least a little bit tired?

As kids grow and begin to walk, run, and play, it takes more thought to stop them, scoop them up in our arms, and sit in stillness. It fills your soul, and it infuses gratitude and a sacred feeling of love and stewardship over these tiny humans.

I hesitate to ever sounding “preachy,” but want to say: If you haven’t done this recently, do. I promise you’ll fall in love all over again.<3


I wrote a little blog post today, but wanted to share a little bit here, because it was one of those moments in Motherhood that are my favorite.💕 "I sat her on the couch, felt her soft face, swept her sticky hair over her ear, told her stories, and talked to her about things that matter to her. Then I realized: When is the last time we looked at our children in the face? Not just saw, but presently looked. No distractions, nothing except gentle whispers, smiles, and studying the curves of their cheeks, the pout of their lips, and the magic in their eyes? Remembering special moments you’ve had. Remembering the pregnancy or the process it took for them to be sitting in front of you. How easy is it to get SO busy, SO caught up in things that need to be “done” that we forget how rejuvenating it is to reconnect with our special and most important connections in Motherhood. Or even further—become frustrated and fall out of love with something we had wanted for so long. Or just become tired. Aren't all moms at least a little bit tired? As kids grow and begin to walk, run, and play, it takes more thought to stop them, scoop them up in our arms, and sit in stillness. It fills your soul, and it infuses gratitude and a sacred feeling of love and stewardship over these tiny humans. I hesitate to ever sound “preachy,” but I want to say: If you haven’t done this recently, just do. I promise you’ll fall in love all over again.💕" #thedaintypear #tdpmotherhood #tdppregnancy #mymamahood #lighttheworld #sharegoodness 📷: @valoryjean
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Blessing Day

Our fifth Baby's B l e s s i n g D a y was on Sunday.💕 The sweetest blessing for such a sweet baby. Grateful for @tdptom and this little nugget. Also so grateful that she is here, healthy, and for the good-natured and beautiful Spirit that she brings into our home!

Also! I linked the outfits below! So sorry I was slow to get back about it on Instagram, I posted the link in my stories the next day, but I don't generally do outfit details or products on Sundays, so I try to post them afterwards!:) You guys are awesome, and I'm genuinely flattered any time you like something that I have on! Haha!:)<3

Dress: HERE and HERE
Men's Custom Tie: 21 Rhinos: USE pear15 for a discount!:)
Men's Shoes: HERE/HERE
My Shoes: Forever Young a few years ago!:)
Baby Dress: HERE
Baby Moccs: From Freshly Picked, these ones: HERE
Baby Bow: Baby Bling-USE DAINTYPEAR15 for a discount!

Full Coverage with Maskcara Makeup + Link to Site

I don't usually love using a lot of full coverage makeup, because it feels like a lot, can be a lot of work, and covers many of the natural features of your face. BUT, this month, I've been ALL about it, because: POSTPARTUM ACNE. {Insert wide eyed emoji.}
I had one of you sweet Mamas ask if it was a good makeup for full coverage, and I hadn't tried it up to that point. Now, I think I've figured out how to do it in a way that works for me!:) I hope this helps if you feel like you could use a little bit of extra coverage!

Hair product mentioned in video: HERE
Maskcara Makeup: HERE

*EDIT: Okay, guys. I finally decided to just sign up and get a link since I use this and talk about it a lot! Haha! My website is HERE, and the shades I used in the video are: Amber (Highlight,) Olive (Contour,) Rose Gold (Illuminator,) and Nude (Blush!)


Gifts for Men!

Okay, here we go! A shmorgusboard {<---is there even a way to spell that!? Haha!} of manly gifts. Currently hoping my hubby does not read this, since it shows pretty much has everything that he will find in his stocking or wrapped up with his name on it! Hahaha! {The suitcases are for both of us!} Anyway, I know sometimes men can be tricky to shop for, so if you're still looking for some last minute gifts ideas, here we go! Our Anniversary and Christmas are the same week, so I kind of do all of it together, if we even do Anniversary Gifts! Haha. I have been so pregnant and presents were way far in the back of my one-track nauseous mind!;)

Also, the pictures should be clickable and take you right to the product! Also, I got him a custom tie from 21 Rhinos with a picture of us on the back! You can use the code TheDaintyPear for a discount! They ship super quickly, but if you're planning on one of those for Christmas, I would do it now ASAP!:)

"Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged."

I want to teach my children that nobody is perfect. Kindness in all things. That our flaws may be someone else's strength, and our strengths someone else's struggle. "Judge not lest ye be judged." That each and every person has great worth in our eyes, but more importantly in the eyes of God. That there is no time to judging if we are constantly loving. I try to apply the following quote by Pres. Uchtdorf daily, and I'm grateful that it comes pretty second nature: "Don't judge me because I sin differently than you." That includes loving and not judging because of someone is of a different opinion, background, race, religion, political affiliation, or orientation.

Throughout Middle School and High School, I didn't really have one group of friends that I hung out with on a regular basis. That meant that I spent lots of weekends with different people or at home. Sometimes at that age, it was lonely not having a "clique," but I learned early on that it was important to me to have friends of all backgrounds, even if I just saw them at school. I traveled the world with my family growing up, and seeing the sides of the world that weren't perfect or easy shaped my perspective. I'm grateful for everyone. The diversity of all people in the world is what makes each place uniquely beautiful. Here's the other thing: Your parenting decisions are nobody's to judge. If we are loving our kids and giving them a safe environment where they can thrive--it doesn't matter if you decide to have 1 child or 10. If you feed them sugar or not. If you breastfeed or not. If you cloth diaper or use disposables. Those aren't the important things. The small moments with our children where they feel loved, needed, and cherished are. 
I find great comfort in knowing that I'm NOT the judge. Everyone will get to relay and explain the things the decisions they have made to the actual judge. That takes any pressure off of us, and gives us full permission to love. In fact, isn't that the first and great commandment? "Love one another."
Love you, friends, and hope you feel safe here!<3


Pregnancy Nostalgia

Pregnancy Nostalgia. I can't be the only one who gets it. Right? RIGHT!? Hahaha. It's so funny how we can go through so much during that year of the pregnancy and postpartum period, but somehow many would still do it all over again. #WorthIt.
Of course, I'm always always always thinking about you Mamas who struggle to get pregnant or are awaiting a baby through adoption or another means, and I know I've said it and said it again, but you are ALWAYS in our prayers. Many pleading and tearful prayers on your behalf. My heart is tender towards you, which almost actually prevented me from posting this. However, I know there are also so many who have been and who go through the real process of the positives and woes of pregnancy and postpartum, and I pray that those struggling will one day experience a beautifully exhausting pregnancy or find a little one in your arms in some other way. Love to all of you, and please tell me if you can relate!;)


Happy December!

"How great thou art, how great thou art." Trading in snow for fiery red rocks today. God is the most talented artist.❤️ Happy December, friends!



Spiritual Eclipse

Happy Sunday! Loved the quote that someone brought up in Relief Society by President Monson: “Were we to step back, however, and take a good look at what we’re doing, we may find we’ve immersed ourselves in the thick of thin things."Loved that food for thought!

Our lesson today was on this talk by Elder Stevenson. It's one of my Hubby's favorite talks, and it's such a good one! I've linked the video and text below! Hope you had a great Sabbath Day!<3




Don’t let life’s distractions eclipse heaven’s light.

On August 21 of this year, two rare events occurred that captured the attention of people around the world. The first was the 90th birthday celebration of our beloved prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. At the time, I was on assignment in the Pacific Area and was thrilled that the Saints of Australia, Vanuatu, New Zealand, and French Polynesia were not only aware of his personal milestone, but they also rejoiced in celebrating it. I felt fortunate to share in their warm expressions of faith and love for this great man. What an inspiration it is to see the connection Latter-day Saints share with their prophet.

Of course, President Monson, mindful of those desiring to wish him happy birthday, described an ideal birthday gift: “Find someone who is having a hard time or is ill or lonely and do something for them. That’s all I would ask.”1 We love and sustain you, President Monson.
Solar Eclipse

The other rare and heavenly event occurring on the same day and captivating millions worldwide was a total solar eclipse. This was the first time such an eclipse had marched across the entire United States in 99 years.2 Have you ever seen a solar eclipse? Perhaps I could describe this in greater detail.

A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the earth and the sun, almost completely blocking any light from the sun’s surface.3 The fact that this can happen is a marvel to me. If you imagine the sun as the size of a common bicycle tire, the moon in comparison would scarcely be the size of a small pebble.

How is it possible that the very source of our warmth, light, and life could be so greatly obscured by something comparatively insignificant in size?

Although the sun is 400 times larger than the moon, it is also 400 times farther away from the earth.4 From earth’s perspective, this geometry makes the sun and moon appear to be the same size. When the two are aligned just right, the moon seems to obscure the entire sun. Friends and family of mine who were in the zone of total eclipse described how light was replaced by darkness, the stars appeared, and birds quit singing. The air became chilly, as temperatures in an eclipse can decrease by more than 20 degrees Fahrenheit (11 degrees Celsius).5

They described a sense of awe, astonishment, and even anxiety, knowing an eclipse brings certain hazards. However, they all exercised care to prevent permanent eye damage or “eclipse blindness” during the eclipse event. Safety was made possible because they wore glasses equipped with special filtered lenses that protected their eyes from any potential harm.
The Analogy

In the same manner that the very small moon can block the magnificent sun, extinguishing its light and warmth, a spiritualeclipse can occur when we allow minor and troublesome obstructions—those we face in our daily lives—to get so close that they block out the magnitude, brightness, and warmth of the light of Jesus Christ and His gospel.

Elder Neal A. Maxwell took this analogy even further when he stated: “Even something as small as a man’s thumb, when held very near the eye, can blind him to the very large sun. Yet the sun is still there. Blindness is brought upon the man by himself. When we draw other things too close, placing them first, we obscure our vision of heaven.”6

Clearly, none of us wants to purposefully obscure our vision of heaven or allow a spiritual eclipse to occur in our lives. Let me share some thoughts that may assist us in preventing spiritual eclipse from causing us permanent spiritual damage.
Gospel Glasses: Maintain a Gospel Perspective

Do you recall my description of special eyewear used to protect those viewing a solar eclipse from eye damage or even eclipse blindness? Looking at a spiritual eclipse through the protecting and softening lens of the Spirit provides a gospel perspective, thus protecting us from spiritual blindness.

Let’s consider some examples. With the words of the prophets in our hearts and the Holy Spirit as our counselor, we can gaze at partially blocked heavenly light through “gospel glasses,” avoiding the harm of a spiritual eclipse.

So how do we put on gospel glasses? Here are some examples: Our gospel glasses inform us that the Lord desires that we partake of the sacrament each week and that He desires that we study the scriptures and have daily prayer. They also inform us that Satan will tempt us not to. We know that his agenda seeks to take away our agency through distractions and worldly temptations. Even in Job’s day, perhaps there were some experiencing a spiritual eclipse, described as: “They meet with darkness in the daytime, and grope in the noonday as in the night.”7

Brothers and sisters, when I speak of seeing through gospel glasses, please know that I am not suggesting that we do not acknowledge or discuss the challenges we face or that we walk blissfully ignorant of the traps and evils the enemy has placed before us. I am not speaking of wearing blinders—but just the opposite. I am suggesting that we look at challenges through the lens of the gospel. Elder Dallin H. Oaks observed that “perspective is the ability to see all relevant information in a meaningful relationship.”8 A gospel perspective expands our sight to an eternal view.

When you put on gospel glasses, you find enhanced perspective, focus, and vision in the way you think about your priorities, your problems, your temptations, and even your mistakes. You will see brighter light that you could not see without them.

Ironically, it is not only the negative that can cause spiritual eclipse in our lives. Often, admirable or positive endeavors to which we dedicate ourselves can be drawn so close that they blot out gospel light and bring darkness. These dangers or distractions could include education and prosperity, power and influence, ambition, even talents and gifts.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf has taught that “any virtue when taken to an extreme can become a vice. … There comes a point where milestones can become millstones and ambitions, albatrosses around our necks.”9

Let me share in greater detail examples that could become catalysts for avoiding our own spiritual eclipses.
Social Media

A few months ago I spoke at BYU Women’s Conference.10 I described how technology, including social media, facilitates spreading “the knowledge of a Savior … throughout every nation, kindred, tongue, and people.”11 These technologies include Church websites like LDS.org and Mormon.org; mobile apps such as Gospel Library, Mormon Channel, LDS Tools, and Family Tree; and social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. These modalities have generated hundreds of millions of likes, shares, views, retweets, and pins and have become very effective and efficient in sharing the gospel with family, friends, and associates.

All of the virtues and appropriate use of these technologies notwithstanding, there are risks associated with them that, when drawn too close, can put us in a spiritual eclipse and potentially block the brightness and warmth of the gospel.

The use of social media, mobile apps, and games can be inordinately time-consuming and can reduce face-to-face interaction. This loss of personal conversation can affect marriages, take the place of valuable spiritual practices, and stifle the development of social skills, especially among youth.

Two additional risks related to social media are idealized reality and debilitating comparisons.

Many (if not most) of the pictures posted on social media tend to portray life at its very best—often unrealistically. We have all seen beautiful images of home decor, wonderful vacation spots, smiling selfies, elaborate food preparation, and seemingly unattainable body images.

Here, for example, is an image that you might see on someone’s social media account. However, it doesn’t quite capture the fullpicture of what is actually going on in real life.

Comparing our own seemingly average existence with others’ well-edited, perfectly crafted lives as represented on social media may leave us with feelings of discouragement, envy, and even failure.

One person who has shared numerous posts of her own said, perhaps only partly in jest, “What’s the point of being happy if you’re not going to post it?”12

As Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson reminded us this morning, success in life doesn’t come down to how many likes we get or how many social media friends or followers we have. It does, however, have something to do with meaningfully connecting with others and adding light to their lives.

Hopefully, we can learn to be more real, find more humor, and experience less discouragement when confronted with images that may portray idealized reality and that too often lead to debilitating comparisons.

Comparison apparently is not just a sign of our times but was in times past as well. The Apostle Paul warned the people of his day that “they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.”13

With so many appropriate and inspired uses of technology, let us use it to teach, inspire, and lift ourselves and to encourage others to become their finest—rather than to portray our idealized virtual selves. Let us also teach and demonstrate the righteous use of technology to the rising generation and warn against the associated hazards and destructive use of it. Viewing social media through the lens of the gospel can prevent it from becoming a spiritual eclipse in our lives.

Let’s now address the age-old stumbling block of pride. Pride is the opposite of humility, which is a “willingness to submit to the will of the Lord.”14 When prideful, we tend to take honor to ourselves rather than giving it to others, including the Lord. Pride is often competitive; it is a tendency to seek to obtain more and presume we are better than others. Pride often results in feelings of anger and hatred; it causes one to hold grudges or to withhold forgiveness. Pride, however, can be swallowed in the Christlike attribute of humility.

Relationships, even with close family and loved ones, especiallywith close family and loved ones—even between husbands and wives—are fostered in humility and are stymied by pride.

Many years ago an executive of a large retailer called me to talk about his company, which was being bought out by one of its competitors. He and numerous other headquarters personnel were extremely anxious that they might lose their jobs. Knowing that I was well acquainted with senior management of the acquiring company, he asked if I would be willing to both introduce him and give a strong reference on his behalf, even to arrange a meeting for him. He then concluded with the following statement: “You know what they say? ‘The meek shall perish!’”

I understood his comment was more than likely intended as humor. I got the joke. But there was an important principle that I felt might ultimately be of use to him. I replied, “Actually, that isn’t what they say. In fact, it is just the opposite. ‘The meek … shall inherit the earth’15 is what they say.”

In my experience in the Church as well as throughout my professional career, some of the greatest, most effective people I have known have been among the most meek and humble.

Humility and meekness fit hand in glove. May we remember that “none is acceptable before God, save the meek and lowly in heart.”16

I pray that we will strive to avoid the spiritual eclipse of pride by embracing the virtue of humility.

In conclusion, a solar eclipse is indeed a remarkable phenomenon of nature during which the beauty, warmth, and light of the sun can be completely covered by a comparatively insignificant object, causing darkness and chill.

A similar phenomenon can be replicated in a spiritual sense, when otherwise small and insignificant matters are drawn too close and block the beauty, warmth, and heavenly light of the gospel of Jesus Christ, replacing it with cold darkness.

Eyewear designed to protect the sight of those in the zone of a total solar eclipse can prevent permanent damage and even blindness.17 Gospel glasses comprised of a knowledge and testimony of gospel principles and ordinances provide a gospel perspective that can similarly provide greater spiritual protection and clarity for someone exposed to the hazards of a spiritual eclipse.

If you discover anything that seems to be blocking the light and joy of the gospel in your life, I invite you to place it in a gospel perspective. Look through a gospel lens and be vigilant not to allow insignificant and inconsequential matters in life to obscure your eternal view of the great plan of happiness. In short, don’t let life’s distractions eclipse heaven’s light.

I bear testimony that no matter the obstruction that may block our vision of gospel light, the light is still there. That source of warmth, truth, and brightness is the gospel of Jesus Christ. I bear testimony of a loving Heavenly Father; of His Son, Jesus Christ; and of the Son’s role as our Savior and Redeemer. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Post-Thanksgiving Photos

Tonight, we got to take pictures for our Christmas card with my sweet cousin Val of Valory Jean Photography! She is amazing in so many ways!

Love these sweet girls! I didn't post a Thanksgiving Day picture; we were happily busy eating and playing with family, but I'm sure grateful for so many blessings! I know occasionally Holidays can be a lonely time for some, and I wish we could have had each of you at our table! Hope you know that you are loved!

Undershirt for dress: THIS ONE
Baby's Bow: Baby Bling {Use DAINTYPEAR15 for 15% off!}
Toddler Bow: Little Knots {Use DAINTYPEAR for a discount!}
Boys' Suspenders/Bow Ties: HERE
Boys' Shoes: HERE

Thanksgiving Sunday

Happppy Monday!:) Just had to post this picture from yesterday because I love these 5 and their little 'tudes.😉😍 Also, all outfits are linked on the blog! I had some requests on where to find toddler clothing! Pear's skirt is under $13 and L's shoes are under $14!

Sunday thought from Yesterday: One of the youth speakers at church talked about the story of the 10 lepers. He said "Jesus healed them and one came back to say thank you. Did Jesus still love all the lepers? Of course! But which of the lepers loved Jesus?" It was so profound to me, because how often do we get wrapped up in what's going on or underestimate the simple act of saying "thank you," especially to the one who gives us all. I feel like one of the ways we can show our love to Him is by showing that simple gratitude; for the big and small things.💕 So happy and grateful to have been able to kick off this week of Thanksgiving hearing such beautiful messages!:)


Dress: JANE
Shoes: Nordstrom {During an Anniversary Sale}
Boys' Clothing: H&M
Dress Shirt w/Bow tie: HERE
Toddler Blazer: HERE
Pear's Skirt: This One {Under $13!}
Tights: HERE
Moccasins: Freshly Picked {Their big Sale is going on NOW!}
Little boy's Shoes: HERE

Twig n Twine

I'm slowly working on the girls' nursery! When I got it all finished before, with names on the wall, etc., we found out our 5th baby was also a girl!💕 The newest addition in the room is this macrame by Melissa from Twig N Twine! She makes the most gorgeous items, and I'm blown away by the talent and patience it takes to make something like this! Haha! You can find her website HERE. Thanks, Melissa!

Bow: Baby Bling Bows {Use DAINTYPEAR for a discount!}
Shirt: SheIn
Baby Outfit: Old Navy 

Nursing Dress

"If you want to change the world, go home and love your family."💕 Yesterday was Sunday, and it's always so good to hear messages that uplift and energize. I mentioned on my Instagram post that I don't usually talk about products that I like on Sundays, and that I would talk more about this nursing dress later! I got it from Undercover Mama! This isn't a paid post, but they did send me one to review, and I have to say that I really like it! It was kind of like wearing pajamas to church, {but without looking like it,} and I was able to nurse baby during the meetings so easily! I just put a blanky over my shoulder {for my own comfort,} but instead of going to the Mother's room and bringing my dress up around my neck to feed the babe, it was easy peasy! You guys know that I really like inexpensive clothing, but I've also talked before about how I love having a few investment pieces that are either really convenient or a really nice/classic staple that you'll wear again and again. SO, if you are a nursing mom and plan to be for a few months, I would recommend! They also were so sweet to give us a coupon code for 20% off, so that makes it about $40! I'm 5 feet tall, so it's just about touching the floor with short heels on, but I didn't have to hem it! Also, the sleeves hit just the right point on the arm. {You know, right where that postpartum jiggle is still hanging out because I did zero exercise during pregnancy being so sick!;) Haha!} Two thumbs up for a nursing dress that was a game changer at church! #thedaintypear

Christmas Gifts/Wish List Ideas!

Today's post is a little bit different! I don't usually just find and post products to buy, but I thought it would be fun to round up some gift ideas or share some things on my list! I have another fun one coming soon with JANE, along with a giveaway for TWO $25 gift cards, which will be held on Instagram!

                                                               This Instant Pot: HERE
I LOVE my Instant Pot. Mostly because I LOVE artichokes, and it takes so much less time to cook them and they come out perfectly. I haven't even ventured into soups, etc., and I already love it. Winter is the perfect time for these! I gave my Mom one for Christmas last year, and she loves it!

Instant Pot Egg Accessory: HERE
If you're going to do eggs in the Instant Pot, don't forget this little guy!

Dinnerware Set: HERE
I, {as I'm sure lots of you} have a love of white dishes! I have some really similar to this, but as our family grows, it's almost time to look into adding another set, so I'm wondering if I keep the same set or venture into a new {white} one. Hahaha! I'll link the one I have below, too, I really like it! And it's super affordable for how many pieces you get!

My Dinnerware Set: HERE

This Cheeseboard: HERE
If you have any cheese-lovers in your life, you can't go wrong with a cheese board! I've been eyeing some, and here was one of my favorites! I feel like it's a little bit more modern than a traditional cheese board, and the reviews said it is really easy to clean. I always wonder if the wood ones are getting totally clean, or if it's seeping in, so I kind of like this option! Haha!

And a round one in a similar style: HERE

                                                      This Weekender Bag: HERE
My hubby and I love to travel, and I bought a weekender bag a couple of years ago that I used as a hospital bag for one of our babies and lots of trips! It's been well-loved, so I'm saving up for this one! I love the chic look to it and also love that it's an easy-to-wipe leather material, because I'm kind of a germaphobe. And airport germs wig me out.:)

Running Shoes: HERE
Do I run? Nope. But aren't these ADORABLE!? Hahaha! I would still wear them to run...errands!;)

This Diffuser: HERE
I started using one recently in my bathroom with some drops of Lavender, and this one is just way cuter than my white plastic one! Haha! If you have an essential oil lover or someone who just likes yummy scents, this might be a great gift for them! Oils: HERE.

Wherever your Christmas shopping takes you, I hope you find what you're looking for!:) I love investing in memories and experiences moreso than gifts, but sometimes you just need a good gift to give or one to put on your wish list!:) I may be adding more little roundups in different categories, and watch for that giveaway with JANE to help you with Christmas shopping coming soon!♥



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