Twistshake Baby

I was stoked to do this collaboration with Twistshake, because as a mom of a lot of little kids, I've used a lot of bottles and I definitely play favorites! Haha. I am a freak of a germaphobe in the kitchen, so if the bottle is too far gone, like has had milk or formula in it for a few days, I will just throw it away {or recycle it after rinsing it out.} I love the wide mouth on this bottle, it makes it super easy to clean out, and I love the simplicity of all of it! And the colors are super cute, too! The way I'm using it right now, I'm using two pieces: the bottle and the nipple. That's it. Although, it comes with a nifty insert with a cap that can hold formula as well as a strainer-type piece that helps break up the formula! I'm a fan, if you would like to order, feel free to use the code thedaintypear20 at checkout on their website HERE! ALSO, there is a giveaway ending TONIGHT for their brand new sippy cup! Just click on the Image above the video to enter!<3


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