21 Week Bumpdate

21 weeks. It's taken a little while for me to start feeling this baby, so when I feel her kicks, I'm over the moon. This morning when I felt her, I was even a little bit emotional because I was feeling a tiny bit worried since I felt like it had been a good while since she had been active. I'm still throwing up, but trying to enjoy as much as I can. After 5 babies, I don't know how many more we will be blessed with or will choose to or be able to have! 
As much as I love that birthing day where you are pushed to every limit physically, emotionally, spiritually, and then are met with that beautiful feeling of joy and relief as a perfect gift is placed on your stomach; I'm soaking in every blessed moment that this little girl is growing inside my belly.💕

Robe: Freshly Picked
Lips: Shade Violette + Rose Gloss {FIND IT HERE}

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